What’s going on in Amsterdam

Vondelpark 3

Get yourself a picnic basket at Café Vertigo in the Vondelpark and enjoy! You can order your basket online.

| Just off Kalverstraat

Begijnhof 30

The Begijnhof is a hidden courtyard of cottages just off the very busy Kalverstraat. Originally built in the 14th-century for a group of pious, charitable women (the Beguines). You will find one of the two remaining wooden houses in Amsterdam right here.

| All over town

During this walking tour you will visit locations that played a role in World War II. And it will take you to places, you might otherwise never see and learn there's lots more than the Anne Frank story. Highly acclaimed tour.

| East of the canal area

Plantage Kerklaan 38

The Amsterdam Zoo: founded in 1838. Just east of the canal area in a large park with lush gardens, historical buildings and lots of animals of course.

| Netherlands

D L Hudigstraat 6

Private tours to get the most out of your Amsterdam stay: for you personally. Tailor made walks through the historic city, tours to the tulips, the historic Volendam or even Bruges and Ghent, it is up to you.