Rembrandthuis | Nieuwmarkt area

This the house where Rembrandt lived between 1639 and 1658. The building was constructed in 1606 and 1607 on two lots in the eastern part of the city. Many rich merchants and artists settled in this new part of town.

The Rembrandt house is worth a visit for two reasons: Rembrandt's etchings of course, but also because it is one of the few houses in the city that has been restored to its original state.

This restoration was completed in 1999. The restoration plan was based on historical knowledge built up over many years. The inventory that was compiled in 1656 because of Rembrandt’s bankruptcy, was one of the main sources of information used. This enabled the experts to work out how the house was laid out during this period and how Rembrandt had used the different rooms.

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Jodenbreestraat 4
1011NK Amsterdam