Picnic in the Vondelpark | Vondelpark

A picnic in the Vondelpark. Order a picnic basket at Café Vertigo in the Vondelpark and enjoy! You can order your basket online.

Choose from a High Tea (standard or deluxe), a Meditteranean basket or get one especially prepared for kids. The baskets come with plates, utensils, blankets, everything.

The park was opened in 1865 and originally called the 'Nieuwe Park' and later renamed to 'Vondelpark', after the 17th century writer and playwrigth Joost van den Vondel. The park has around 10 million visitors yearly. In the park you can find a film museum, an open air theatre, a playground and several cafes and restaurants, including the Cafe Vertigo, where you collect your picnic basket.

Café Vertigo
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Vondelpark 3
1071AA Amsterdam