Hajenius | Near Dam Square

Pantaleon Gerhard Coenraad Hajenius started his cigar store in 1915, planning to sell only the very best of cigars. The store he opened was just a stone's throw from the Tobacco Exchange and there were some thirty small cigar factories nearby: he had the best cigar makers use the choicest tobaccos to make his Hajenius cigars.

The building where Hajjenius is located is one of the grandest on the Rokin. It has a splendid Art-Deco interior with fine Italian marble, rich with ornaments and colossal chandeliers, originally designed for gas lighting.

There are regular tasting of cigars and either Whisky or Ports. You may need to book it well in advance.

The House of Hajenius
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Rokin 96
1012KZ Amsterdam