Artis Zoo | East of the canal area

You will find what you expect from a zoo, and lots more. Exotic wildlife of all shapes and sizes, an aquarium, a planetarium, a butterfly pavilion, a geological museum as well as an underwater view of an Amsterdam canal.

Artis boasts some of the most beautiful 19th century architecture in the city, of which the Aquarium is a fine example.

See giraffes strolling with wildebeest, zebras, springbok and oryx. Walk among butterflies and experience lemurs up close.

Artis rapidly expanded. Various plots of land were purchased, some with existing structures on them. The Wolf House is an example; once the popular Oak and Linden Cafe, the building now stands in the middle of Artis.

Natura Artis Magistra
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Plantage Kerklaan 38
1018CZ Amsterdam